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Prices for machinery and equipment

Dear visitors, inform you that we are pricing for machinery and equipment to offer (Folijar - device setup sheet, Transplanters - tractor docking device for transplanting, Tractor connection for AC underthrusting Bankova, tractor hydraulic connection conditioner for setting poles, Filler container substrate, Seeder container, Greenhouse to produce seedlings, Tractor docking device for plowing and collecting Mulch film and collecting […]
Sejačica kontejnera

Equipment for sowing containers

Equipment for seeding in the production of container seedlings seem seeder and filling containers supstratom.Koncipirana for small farms, where significant increases productivity capacity 100 containers per hour (containers 104 cell). Successfully meeting fussy seeds (pepper seeds, seeds of cabbage and so on.) of container from 144 ćelije pa 66 cells. The structure is adapted for quick and […]
Plastenici za povrtarstvo


The greenhouse is designed for the spring production of seedlings in open field. Robust construction, well support the wind blows from all directions. The sides of the tube at an angle to transition into an arc which gives a further stiffening the side-impact wind. Front side has a curved limbs stiffened with the front side and at the same time in this way obtain […]
Sakupljač - Podizač folije i kapajućih traka

Collector foil and strip kapajućih

Erector film i “Chapter by chapter” Pipes is a tractor power unit (machine) Cleaning fields at the end of the growing season vegetables. It is intended to raise the bar of the irrigation "drip", and their twisting the coil to be used in next season. The tape is wound in one layer so that its easy viewing […]
Hidraulični uređaj (mašina) za postavljanje stubova u zemlju

Hydraulic device for setting poles in the ground

Hydraulic device (machine) to set the pillars is a dedicated device for setting acacia pillars in the production of vegetables and fruit espalier. Poles are directly flown into the country without drilling holes in the country, with prior preparation poles over sharpening. Predviđen have to do stubove dužine 2,5 I d = diameter of 7 cm to d = 14 cm. For […]
Podrivač je namenski projektovan za podrivanje gredica

Podrivač – device for undermining Billets

Podrivač projektovan is dedicated to the subduction billets - banknote. Subsoiling breaks plugging soles and shakes banak for better passage of air to the roots of plants. Required tractor power is approximately 50 kw. The best result is achieved after undermining rasađenih rooting plants. A secondary purpose of the cultivators give all mulch films in the collection at the end of growing season […]
Folijar - uređaj za postavljanje mulch folije i sistema kap po kap

Folijar - device setup sheet

Folijar the device to set the film whose purpose is the preparation of land for growing vegetables, formation of plots, while setting up a system drop by drop and placing mulch film. Width of foil can be 600 of 1.600 mm, and the width of the beams 300 of 800 mm. Folijar successfully placed mulch foil domestic producers min. thick 0.018 […]
Transplanter 10 - traktorski priključni uređaj za rasađivanje povrća

Transplant 10 – tractor connection device for transplanting vegetables

Transplanters is a tractor connection device for planting vegetables. It is designed to work in the technology of growing vegetables in foil and mulch system for drip irrigation. Planting of the device can operate in one or two rows of container and traditionally produced seedlings. Rasađuje uspešno if i at i on gredicama ravnom zemljištu. […]
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